Area of Control

The term "Area of Control" covers waterways within the Utility District where the estimated peak flow at any given point is 20% or greater than the total estimated peak flow of the entire reach.

How does the "Area of Control" impact your property? (click to view flyer)


Area of Control: The Utility has authority in order to regulate activities or storage of materials to ensure efficient and effective transportation of storm water runoff along Garners Creek.

Property owners are encouraged to remove trash and debris within the Area of Control. Fallen trees or brush that block flows within the creek should be removed, as they can cause increased bank erosion or flooding. If a tree is threatening to fall from the bank, consider cutting or trimming the tree while leaving the root system in place to keep the soil and bank stabilized. 

Property owners are strongly encourged to leave a "buffer zone" along Garners Creek within the Area of Control. Create a "buffer zone" by letting your grass grow long or planting native grasses, flowers, shrubs, and trees within the Area of Control. By leaving a "buffer zone" of natural vegetation along the creeks edge, property owners can reduce erosion, help improve water quality and provide increased habitat and travel corridors for wildlife.

A Permit is required within the Area of Control if the work includes: any channel change, encroachment, filling, grading, excavating, or construction of any structure. Structures include houses, garages, sheds, bridges, culverts, fences, berms, swing sets, ect.

The Area of Control Map is color coded to identify the stream buffer.

  • Blue - Area of Control is 75' of the Stream Bank
  • Green - Area of Control is 50' of the Stream Bank
  • Purple - Area of Control is 30' of the Stream Bank