Heartland Pond

The Pond was constructed in 2006 and is located within the west central portion of the Garners Creek Watershed. Specifically, the Heartland Pond is located east of STH ‘441’, west of Eisenhower Drive, south of CTH ‘CE’ and north of Garners Creek within the Town of Buchanan. Approximately 89 acres drain into the Heartland Pond, including the commercial development including Lowes and Festival Foods. Stormwater runoff is carried to the pond by storm sewers.

The purpose of the Heartland Pond is to reduce peak flow rates, improve water quality and provide flood control. Stormwater runoff is temporarily stored within the pond and slowly released through an outlet structure that drains into Garners Creek on the south side of the pond. Stormwater pollutants are removed as runoff flows through the wet pond. Pollutants slowly settle out and become trapped in the pond’s permanent pool of water. Additional pollutant removal is provided by the pond’s wetland plantings. The pond reduces the amount of total suspended solids (TSS) and total phosphorus (TP) discharged to Garners Creek by approximately 83% and 71%, respectively. During dry weather, the permanent pool of water has a surface area of 1.9 acres and a maximum depth of 8.5 feet. During a 100-year rainfall event, the Heartland Pond provides 6 million gallons of storage volume.