State Park Court Pond

The State Park Court Detention Pond was constructed in 2004 by the Garners Creek Storm Water Utility. This Detention Pond is located within the southeast portion of the Garners Creek Watershed. Approximately 972 acres or 16 percent of the Garners Creek Watershed drains into the detention pond. Storm water runoff is carried to the detention pond by road ditches, storm sewers, culverts, drainage channels, and streams.

The State Park Court Detention Pond improves downstream flooding and stream bank erosion by reducing peak flow rates. Storm water runoff is temporarily stored within the detention pond and slowly released into the navigable stream located north of CTH "KK" and east of State Park Road. During a 100‑year rainfall event, the 27‑acre detention pond provides 41.7 million gallons of storage volume and reduces peak flow rates by 60 percent. During dry weather, the permanent pool of water has a surface area of 13.4 acres and a maximum depth of 14 feet.